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Betta Fighter Thailand  Thailand selected bred Betta fighters from the arena CHAMPION blood line.

Thank you very much to all USA and Asia customers who always support me.
I will keep working hard to make all you happy.



All professional players accepted that Thai betta fighters have best heart. They can fight long games or fight until die. They don't know what is run away! Just only Thai Betta Fighters have softer skin than fighters from Malaysia.

Today we want present the new bloodline of Betta fighters from Thailand. We develop Plakat to have thick scales, strong mouth with best heart. With long time experience in fighting arena and breeding betta fighters, now we believe our private bloodline are strong enough to fight against fighters from other country.

All Betta fighters on our stock shop must won at least 8 from 10 fights in different pro arenas. Please feel free to check out the new fighters in STOCK SHOP!

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